Aleksandr Kolesnychenko



Russian artist was born in July 1969 in the peninsula Crimea city Yevpatoria. Alexander Kolesnechenko is a professional artist specialised in oil painting on canvas. Since 1985 he sold more than 30 art projects .Participated in more than 100 national and international exhibitions.The artworks are in the collection of the State Russian Museum (St. ­ Petersburg) , as well as in private collections in Portugal and Spain. Alexander started his work as a painter by simple sketches when he was a young teenager. He's ideas in art work began to be influence from the trips he was most of the time as a sailorsman. You can notice how in number of his work he depicts the journey he's been through the use of colour, small boats and sea. Russian artist Alexander is famous for his abstract and impressionism paintings with his original style method using leaks. His painting "Hyperborea­the forgotten history of Atlantis" (2015) referring back to the history where abstract is showing Adam and Eva was trying to produce: beginning of a new life. Alexander presenting the painting in new way or in other words establishing the old for us not to forget the study of our past events in the history. Additionally the leaks demonstrate on the abstract relating to the image meaning the era of time.

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Art painting and wall murals

are exclusive trends in home decorating. Colorful painting ideas and wall murals can create amazing optical illusions and stretch interior design. These modern wall decoration ideas offer unique opportunities to give your modern interior design original andexpensive look. Wall painting ideas and room colors brighten up modern interior design and bring charming vintage style chic into room decorating. Wall mural are creative and versatile wall decoration ideas, suitable for any theme and any room. Wall mural designs can add gor geous landscapes and garden views to modern interior decorating and romanticize room decor with beautiful flowers and birds.

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can be created in any interior design style from traditional classic wall painting ideas to Asian paintings and modern high-tech wall decoration. Modern wall murals bring an amazing fantasy world into kids room decorating, and set a romantic atmosphere in living rooms and bedrooms.There are several modern wall painting techniques for artistic painting and wall murals. Airbrushing allows to paint realistic images with acrylic paints in all imaginable colors. These wall murals dry quickly and keep looking great in bright light. Airbrushing is the wall decoration technique that add depth and rich feel to modern interior design and decorating.

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on plaster allows to create classic wall murals. Modern paint colors, bright hues and classic techniques are blended to design different visual effects, adding the glow to wall murals. Seascapes, forest and flower meadow landscapes are modern wall painting ideas that stretch rooms visually and add a spacious, airy and energizing feel to modern interior design and wall decoration.

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It’s a wonderful replacement instead of an old paint or wallpaper that you just can’t stand anymore. Venetian plaster is more durable and elegant than paint or paper because it mimics the appearance of polished stone.


Decorative textures has offered unparalleled benefits for almost 10,000 years, including at the Sistine Chapel and the pyramids of Giza. It adds beauty to your walls and ceilings and raises your home’s overall value. Decorative plaster is also perfect decor for the hospitality trade because it’s unique, distinctive, durable, lasting…and timeless.


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